Burns are one of the most severe types of injuries, causing significant pain as well as disfigurement. Damage can go below your skin and may also affect your body’s immune system while causing damage to your muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. You could also suffer from permanent scarring and lifelong psychological effects.

If you’ve suffered a burn injury due to someone’s negligence or deliberate act, a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer may be able to help you file a claim and recover damages

Common Causes

Severe burns can result from the following:

  • Fires, including California wildfires, which may cause additional injury due to smoke inhalation
  • Contact with a hot object
  • Scalding from steam or liquids such as bath water or coffee
  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns, which can often occur in the workplace
  • Radiation burns from tanning booths or X-rays

Burn injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help prove your case by showing that another person and/or company are responsible for your burns. You’ll need to prove that the defendant was negligent or deliberately acted in a way that caused you harm. An attorney will show how the defendant’s negligence caused your injury and help you recover money for your damages.

Types of Damages

You may be able to receive money for the following types of damages:

  • Medical bills—You may have been transported to a burn unit and face multiple surgeries as well as years of specialized and expensive care for wound care and/or scar revision.
  • Lost wages—Depending on the severity of the burn and other injuries, you may have been unable to work and unsure of your ability to work in the future.
  • Pain and suffering—Burns are among the most painful types of injuries.
  • Psychological effects—You may suffer ongoing psychological trauma as a result of the event that caused the burn. Burn victims also commonly experience depression and other mental health issues. 
  • Punitive damages: If the defendant acted deliberately, or was grossly negligent, you may be awarded punitive damages designed to punish him or her.

Worker’s Compensation Cases

If your burn injury occurred while you were on the job, you may be able to receive worker’s compensation benefits, and you won’t have to prove negligence. You’ll usually have 30 days to report the injury to your employer, and one year to file a claim in California.

However, if you receive worker’s compensation, you won’t usually be able to sue your employer, but you may still be able to sue a third party, such as the manufacturer of equipment that caused your burn injury. To learn more or discuss your claim, consult with a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer today at 323-999-HELP.