Truck accidents can significantly damage much smaller vehicles, motorcycles, tour buses and other semis. When a large truck accident occurs, drivers and passengers are often severely hurt resulting in personal injuries such as:

  • Catastrophic Injuries;
  • Paralysis;
  • Whip Lash;
  • Spinal damage;
  • Wrongful deaths.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a large truck accident in the Los Angeles area, please contact California Injury Attorneys to schedule a no-fee consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other losses and damages.

Large Truck Accidents

When semi trucks are fully loaded they can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. Drivers of these high weight class vehicles need to be able to handle their loads under a variety of traffic conditions. If they’re not, their big truck can cause big injuries.

Inexperienced operators and/or tight deadlines can increase the odds of an accident occurring. Other factors that may result in a large truck accident include:

  • Unsafe trucks;
  • Truck driver fatigue;
  • Rollovers;
  • Hit-and-runs;
  • Rear-end collisions;
  • Intoxicated truck driver.

Why Should You Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Trucking companies have their own team of attorneys and investigators. These well paid legal teams ensure that the best interests of the trucking company are covered if one of their truck drivers is in a wreck. So if they have a team of legal professionals on their side, don’t you think you should too?

Still not convinced that you should contact a truck accident lawyer? Here are a few more reasons:

  1. On average an experienced truck accident attorney is more likely to get you three times (3x’s) more in settlements than if you tried to settle your injury claim on your own.
  2. Their network of medical experts and personal care professionals will get you the medical treatment you need, when you need it after a truck accident.
  3. Even if you don’t have medical insurance, in most cases, a law firm’s legal team can help you get the medical care you need. And, in most cases they can do it with no out of pocket expense to you.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer After an Accident

It is important to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer immediately after an accident. The sooner you contact them, the sooner their team of paralegals and support staff can gather details and evidence to help prepare a solid personal injury case on your behalf.

If you have been hurt in a large truck wreck don’t wait to contact an attorney! Schedule a free and confidential case review with California Injury Attorneys today by calling our Los Angeles personal injury office at 323-999-HELP, submitting a FREE online case review form, or chat with a live representative.

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