Our Attorneys Bite Back at Insurance Companies to Protect Your Rights

Given how much information and education there is about being a responsible dog owner,  it’s astounding that accidental dog bite injuries still occur. As unlikely and mind boggling as it seems, as many as 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year!

Dog bites are so much more than just a physical injury. They can have profound and long lasting effects, both physical and psychological. But, you don’t have to suffer alone in silence!

There are steps you can take to get justice and compensation for your injuries and treatment for any psychological trauma experienced. It all begins with finding a California dog bite lawyer though.

Sometimes Tricky Cases

In some cases, a dog bite case is simple. The bite happens in a public place, is unprovoked, and there are witnesses. Things can get a lot murkier, however, when the bite occurs in a private home, or when there is some doubt about whose fault the attack was.

Most responsible dog owners are mortified if their dogs hurt any person or any other animal, but there are also a few that will attempt to lay blame elsewhere, or evade their responsibilities in terms of medical bills and other costs.

In each of those cases, it’s best to have a California dog bite lawyer on your side early on, to help you navigate the technicalities, and get the result you deserve.

It’s Easier to Call for Help Than You Think

If you’re like most people who have suffered an unexpected dog bite, you probably spent some time in shock. Your next emotions may have been surprise that something like this could happen to you. Then you might have become angry. Lastly, if you’re like many people, you might have wondered if it would be worth the fight to get the compensation you deserve.

Getting started is easy too, and you have several options:

  • Go online and fill in a form;
  • Chat to a real lawyer online;
  • Or, call 323-999-HELP.

Tell the California dog bite lawyer more about your case, your treatment, and the long term effects of the attack. Find out if your case is strong, and if it is, let a trained professional work on your behalf, to get you the settlement you deserve.