Hard Truths About Elder Abuse in California

We all want the best for our parents. We research the elder care facilities we choose for them endlessly, we visit as often as we can, and we check in regularly. That’s probably why it’s so very devastating to discover that the carefully chosen facility we’ve trusted with the care of our aging parents have been negligent, or worse, actively abusive.

It’s as shocking as a punch to the stomach, and of course the first thing we have to do is move our parent to a safe alternative. However, once that’s done, the second thing you should be doing is finding a California Elder Abuse Lawyer. Not only will you almost certainly be entitled to some form of damages or compensation, but you also have a duty to prevent this from happening to some other family.

Elderly Abuse is More Prevalent Than You Think

You might think that you’ve done something wrong when you discover that your parent has been subjected to nursing home abuse, but the truth is, you probably haven’t.

In fact, with nearly 2 million cases of some sort of elder abuse in care facilities being reported every year, there are far more cases than there should be. While some cases are milder than others, they are all unacceptable, and something must be done to prevent them.

Take Action Against Elder Abuse!

When you discover that your parent has been subjected to abuse, neglect or any other kind of unacceptable treatment or inaction, you owe it to them and to everyone else in that facility, and their families, to take action.

The best way to do that is to find a good California Elder Abuse Lawyer, and discuss the case. Determine what your options are, and whether you need to be talking to other families about the problem. Every case is different though, so make sure you get legal advice first, and then take any other action.

Getting legal advice is also easier than you think:

  • Call 323-999-HELP
  • Fill in a quick and easy online form
  • Or initiate an online chat

Trained attorneys are available 24/7 to answer your questions and assess your case, and there’s no cost unless we take your case and win it!

So don’t just stand by and let more families suffer the same way yours has. Get the compensation you deserve, and help prevent this from happening again.